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Student’s Scientific Circles

Sunday 28.02.2010

Scientific Circle of Students in Horticulture

Phone: +48 22 59 322 33e-mail: Scientific Circle of Students in Horticulture was called into existence on May 13, 1921.The students joined in the circle can deepen their scientific interest conducting research in various horticultural branches, e.g. in pomology, vegetable growing,ornamental and medicinal plants, nurseries, plant genetics and breeding, plant protection and marketing of horticultural products. The members of the Circle work in separate sections which number is changing according to the student’s interests. They organize scientific seminars at the Faculty and outside the Faculty,they propagate a good horticultural practice and natural values of our country.They take care for the maintenance of friendly atmosphere in the student society,the feeling of community inside the University and for the cultivation of good academic traditions. They also propagate the ideas of self-help between the students during their study time. Every year the members of the Circle take part in the Review of the Achievements of Student’s Scientific Circles in WULS and they gain some prizes or distinctions for the presented subjects. They organize the Competition of Master of Science theses at the Faculty and they take part in scientific conferences in Poland and abroad.

Scientific Circle of Students in Landscape Architecture

Phone: +48 22 59 321 91e-mail: The Circle has been active for many years and in particular years new sections are activated gathering the students of particular interests. The following sections are functioning:history, cultural landscape, space planning, landscape design, physiography and dendrology. The students joined in the Circle can take part in the following activities: scientific workshops and camps, cognitive excursions, lectures and seminars deepening the knowledge on landscape architecture, exhibitions and other presentations of achievements of Circle members. The most important activities of the Circle are as follows: numerous scientific and extension publications,various conceptual elaborations, designs, natural analyses and their introduction into the practice, editing of the journal of the Circle entitled “Landscapes”and taking part every year in the Review of the Achievements of Student’s Scientific Circles in WULS when the members of the Circle gain some prizes and distinctions.The following achievements can be named as the most distinctive: Interdisciplinary Student Camp organized in Jelenia Góra Basin in 2000 in the frames of National Education Program “Planned Landscape Shaping and Protection of the Historical Landscape”, field workshop “Wielkopolska 2006” designed for evaluation of selected historical gardens status in the region, field workshop “Country home gardens– tradition, contemporary status and the future” organized at Roztocze in 2005,the design and construction of patio at Primary and High School at Dembowskiego Street in Warsaw in 2004, the design and construction of the garden around the building of the Foundation “Helping Hand at Odrębna Street in Warszawa-Miedzeszynin 2004, the concept of design of the area surrounding the Fighting Arts Centre BUDOJO in Warsaw in 2006, the concept of design of the area of Count Kicki Schoolat Sobieszyn in 2005, designing the natural pathway in Łopienko Valley in Bieszczady mountains, elaboration of information system for the landscape 2003-2004 and inventory of the historical park at Mysłowice during the International Scientific Camp organized in Jelenia Góra Basin in 2003.

Student Council

What is Student Council of the Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture?

Student Council create all students of FHLA. As you see it’s quite big number, but probably not all are interested in this type of activity. Therefore, on each year students select governor and two members of the Year Council. This trio enter to the Faculty Student Council (RWSS). With its members, annually in December, is selected new bureau, which includes the chairman, deputy and member of presidium.

And in practice? Members of the Student Council represent concerns of students, are liaison with the authorities.

What do we do?

We make sure that the studies were associated not only with science. During the academic year, we organize three standing events: big party for first year students, carnival event and bonfire after WULS days. We are also present during educational fairs and WULS open days.

Do you have any doubts, problems? Write to us:

We try to help you.

Do you have any interesting ideas? Would you like to work for student community and having fun? Come to the meeting.
Schedule of meetings for the academic year 2011/2012 soon.

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