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Offer for foreign students

Sunday 28.02.2010

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Studies: MSc in Horticulture

International relations play an important role in activity of the Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture. The Faculty cooperates with a number of higher schools (almost 30) in the fields of horticultural science as well as landscape architecture. Foreign relations are focused not only on the education (student and stuff exchange) but also on scientific research (international projects and publications). The cooperation is based on the individual bilateral agreements with leading European universities (e.g. Wageningen University, Universität für Bodenkultur w Wiedniu, University of Copenhagen, Ecole Nationale Superieure du Paysage de Versaille) in the frame of educational programmes like LLP/Erasmus and CEEPUS. The Faculty cooperates also with the Ohio State University where the study programme is combined with the horticultural practice for students. The Faculty organizes also international summer school – an intensive 2 weeks courses. In 2007 the summer school concentrate on Urban Green Structure. Students of our faculty also are involved in intensive courses abroad as in 2008in Slovakia.Studies: MSc in HorticultureStudies: MSc in Horticulture
Foreign students coming to the Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture can choose subjects from 21 proposed courses taught in English, as follows:
Applied Mycology, Assessment and Evaluation of Natural Resources, Basic and Applied Entomology, Breeding Methods for Fruit and Ornamental Plants, Bioinformatics, Control of Postharvest Quality of Cut Flowers, Diagnostic of Plant Bacterial Diseases, Entomology and Insects online, Fruit Physiology and Storage, General Plant Pathology, Genetic Engineering, In Vitro Cell Cultures in Plant Biotechnology, Integrated Pests Management in the Sustainable Agriculture, Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Plants, Plant Disease Epidemiology, Plant Virology, Landscape Planning – Barriers and Opportunities, Rules of Ecological Engineering, Urban Entomology: Insect and Mite Pests in the Human Environment, Plant Biotechnology – Molecular Bases, Landscape Protection, Landscape and recreation management. This offer is wider by courses leading by other Faculties in our University. Foreigner students can also participate in individual classes leading by consulting.

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