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Course at a Glance

poniedziałek 3.09.2018

Duration: 3 semesters, 1.5 year, 842 hours  (March 2020 – September 2021)
ECTS: 93
Level: Master’s level, Second-cycle 


  • General Horticulture 

Delivery: Full-time 

Fees: Free  

(You obtain from Project 1500 PLN/month scholarship to pay for tuition 820 PLN/month and place in a dormitory from 350 PLN/month and 330 PLN for your personal expenses) 


Campus: Poland, Warszawa, Nowoursynowska 161 and Nowoursynowska 166 

Start Date: March, 2020 

Award Type: M.Eng. 

Summer School: 3 weeks in in July 2020 

Admission limit: 15 – In case of number of candidates exceeding the place limit, the grade on diploma will be considered in the qualification procedure 


Students – foreigners shall sign agreements connected with covering the costs of their staying in Poland within the project (for the period of 13 months of studies: March – June 2019; October – June 2019/2020). 


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