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General Horticuluture

piątek 5.02.2021


First semester classes

GH MS_summer_2021 New 1


Program of study



OGR-O-2S-01L-03 ang Intellectual property

OGR-O2-S-1L01.1 ang Foreign language

OGR-O2-S-1L01.3 ang Plant functioning under environmental stresses

OGR-O2-S-1L02 ang Advanced information techniques

OGR-O2-S-1L04 ang Molecular biology

OGR-O2-S-1L05 ang Suistanable horticulture

OGR-O2-S-1L06 ang Diploma seminar 1

OGR-O2-S-1L07.26 ang Ornamental plants in human environment

OGR-O2-S-1L07.27 ang Fruits of the World

OGR-O2-S-1L07.28 ang Medicinal and aromatic plants

OGR-O2-S-1L07.29 ang Applied of Plant Pathology

OGR-O2-S-1L07.30 ang Propagation of Fruit Plants

OGR-O2-S-2Z08 ang Natural and legal basis of landscape and ecological infrastrucutre protection

OGR-O2-S-2Z09 ang A man in a business

OGR-O2-S-2Z10 ang Ecotoxicology

OGR-O2-S-2Z12 ang The microworld of fungi

OGR-O2-S-2Z13 ang Insect behaviour – from mechanisms to practical issues

OGR-O2-S-2Z14 ang Diploma seminar 2

OGR-O2-S-2Z16.27 ang Integrated pest managment

OGR-O2-S-2Z16.27 ang Propagation of ornamental plants

OGR-O2-S-2Z16.29 ang Biological control

OGR-O2-S-2Z16.30 ang Breeding methods of fruit plants

OGR-O2-S-2Z16.31 ang Seed production

OGR-O2-S-3L17 ang Diploma seminar 3

OGR-O2-S-3L18.15 ang Business law

OGR-O2-S-3L18.16 ang Plant mysteries under microspoe

OGR-O2-S-3L18.17 ang Indoor flowers arrangements

OGR-O2-S-3L18.18 ang Ecology of microorganisms

OGR-O2-S-3L18.20 ang Physiological basics of vegetable and medicinal plants production

OGR-O2-S-3L19 Diploma thesis



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